A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Rollman is an adventure game with a turn-based fight system. It may seem amateurish, and it is. But it's a finished game. It takes about 40 minutes to finish it in first take.

You play as Rollman - green, one-eyed penguin, with a pot on his head and wheels instead of feet. It only gets weirder later on.


  • retro looking graphics
  • music recorded on real instruments
  • every enemy in the game looks different
  • old school "save system" (entering codes)


  • Arrows - control Rollman
  • ALT - accept, "OK" key
  • CTRL - "Cancel"
  • SHIFT - open inventory

It is what it is.

Thank you for playing.



--- Download link is at the bottom of the page ---

History behind the game:

The game is not stylized as a retro game, it's actually quite "retro". First version was completed back in 2003, written in Pascal for DOS. We (a team of two people) weren't quite satisfied and we left it somewhere on some hard drive.

Few years later (around 2010) we decided to make it more playable. Unfortunately we lost all of the original source code. So what we did? We decompiled our game to assembler and hacked the exe file to make the game a bit better.

We couldn't add new code (at least to our knowledge of assembler) so we were modifying game's executable to get the result we wanted. We finished making these changes in 2012. We put it on our page but it didn't get any attention. Now, in 2015, Rollman has a debut here, on itch.io. :)

By changing our game's exe and resource files we:

  • added difficulty settings
  • improved graphics (a lot of details on backgrounds and character images, all done in MS Paint of course)
  • translated all the text to English (and 4 other languages, but later we left only English version)
  • added new music (first version with 10 tracks had also vocals on soundtrack!)
  • improved controls a bit
  • fixed a few bugs
  • made it playable on Windows (with DOSBox)
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

For linux version unzip the file and run "Rollman-launcher.sh". Linux version runs only on 64 bit systems for now. It's still a beta version.


Rollman.zip 29 MB
Rollman-lin-64-beta.zip 29 MB


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Is there any way to download the music, or finding a folder in the zip file?


Unzip file and you find "music" folder in data


i love it